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Books by George Brandsberg

AfootAFOOT: A Tale of the Great Dakota Turkey Drive, takes place mainly in Dakota Territory in 1877. It's an adventure story in which Joshua Greene, 13, takes many risks while trying to catch up with his runaway sister, Lucinda, 17, after their parents die.

CottonwoodsIn Cottonwoods, Norwegian immigrants Rolf and Torval Hauge struggled for 10 years to gain financial success on the plains of South Dakota. When their first big break came in 1907, they never dreamed this chance would bring about a series of baffling attacks.

The Iceman and Other TalesThe Iceman and Other True Stories of the 20th Century West

Coming in 2019




The Deadly SnowPreston Mitchell didn't buy the government's story about what had killed their sheep. The Deadly Snow: A Cold War Memoir is a frightening account of a family's battle to explain a snowstorm that killed 100 ewes and 300 newborn lambs and sickened the entire family.

The Two Sides in NFO's BattleThe Two Sides in NFO's Battle is a history of the National Farmer's Organization from 1955-1963. The movement attracted considerable attention during its Holding Actions, aimed at withholding major commodities from the markets to increase prices. The Free PapersThe Free Papers is a descriptive study of free circulation newspapers and shopping guides published in the U.S.
Deck & Patio Projects You Can BuildDeck & Patio Projects You Can Build is a 96-page book published by Better Homes & Gardens and principally written by George Brandsberg. Step-By-Step Masonry & ConcreteAnother Better Homes & Gardens publication, Step-By-Step Masonry & Concrete found its way into the hands of more than 200,000 DIY enthusiasts. George Brandsberg was the contributing writer.
The Character Education Kit: 36 Wees of SuccessThe Character Education Kit: 36 Weeks of Success was edited by George Brandsberg for The Master Teacher in Manhattan, KS. Sanidad/Higiene en el Procesamiento de los AlimentosSanidad/Higiene En El Procesamiento De Los Alimentos is the Spanish version of Sanitation and Hygiene in Food Processing. George Brandsberg formatted the pages.

Day by DayDay by Day: Caring for an Older Adult with Alheimers Disease or Other Demanding Illness by Roy Nelson, Ph. D. includes many dramatic true stories experienced by patients of Dr. Nelson.

The Deadly SnowFeeding the Beef Cowherd for Maximum Profit by Danny Simms, Ph. D.

George Brandsberg served as copyeditor as well as formatted the inside pages of the book and offered advice on various aspects of producing the book.

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