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The Deadly Snow Synopsis

Preston Mitchell didn't buy the government's story about what had killed their sheep.

The Frightening Account of the Mitchell family in northeastern Wyoming began with a snowstorm in April 1959 that mysteriously killed 100 ewes and 300 newborn lambs and soon sickened the entire family.

The Mitchells called in local, state, and federal experts, who couldn't explain the losses to the Mitchells' satisfaction. Suing the federal goverment didn't help, either.

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Reviews for The Deadly Snow

"The turn-of-the-century era comes alive because of the author's diligent attention to detail and skilled use of language... humorous... poignant."
  – Robin Farrell Edmunds, contributing writer, Manhattan Mercury
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"... a heroic effort to show the wrongdoing by the government in the Mitchells situation....."
  – Dr. Melvin Marousek (as relayed by Linda Marousek)
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"This memoir is a good and timely reading, as we live in an era of both governmental officials lying and increasing nuclear tensions."
  – David E. Kromm, Professor Emeritus in Geography, Kansas State University
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"If you're intrigued by what amounts to a government conspiracy to conceal the truth, even at the risk of human life, or would like to learn about the harmful side effects of the Cold War on ordinary citizens, you'll like The Deadly Snow."
  – Darrell Smith, retired Field Editor, Farm Journal Magazine
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