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AFOOT Synopsis

AFOOT is the story of Joshua Greene’s pursuit of his sister after their parents die. Their stingy Uncle Asa makes Joshua, 13, work on a hog farm and gets Lucinda, 17, a job as a housemaid.

She runs away. When Josh tries to join her, she keeps moving on. By the time he hears she is in rowdy Deadwood in the Black Hills, he is broke and hungry. His only way there is to join a trail drive of turkeys.

En route, he survives deadly perils of the road and often wonders if he will ever see Lucinda again.

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PDFExcerpt No. 1: Cleanliness

PDFExcerpt No. 2: Robbed at the End of the Line


"Action, comedy, and interesting historical culture throughout."
  – Bob Spear, Heartland Reviews

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Book Details

174 pages, ISBN 0-9771844-1-2

173 pages, ISBN 0-9771844

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