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AFOOT Synopsis

AFOOT is the story of Joshua Greene’s pursuit of his sister after their parents die. Their stingy Uncle Asa makes Joshua, 13, work on a hog farm and gets Lucinda, 17, a job as a housemaid.

She runs away. When Josh tries to join her, she keeps moving on. By the time he hears she is in rowdy Deadwood in the Black Hills, he is broke and hungry. His only way there is to join a trail drive of turkeys.

En route, he survives deadly perils of the road and often wonders if he will ever see Lucinda again.

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"This interesting book kept me wanting to read from the start."
  – Book Marks, the newsletter of the South Dakota Library Association
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"AFOOT is the story of Joshua Greene’s pursuit of his sister after their parents die."
  – The South Dakotan, University of South Dakota
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"Adolescents and adults who have an interest in either turkeys or the Old West will find this book an interesting read."
  – Watt Poultry USA, Great Dakota Turkey Drive
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"A nice, fun read for anyone and it would be appropriate for all Kansas libraries."
  – Kansas Libraries Newsletter
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"Action, comedy, and interesting historical culture throughout."
  – Bob Spear, Heartland Reviews
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"Young readers are in for a treat," nationally acclaimed experts say.
  – Gary and Barbara Bleeker writing in the Topeka (KS) Capitol-Journal
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"Return to the thrilling days of yesteryear by losing yourself in a novel."
  – Darrell Smith, FARM JOURNAL field editor reviews AFOOT and another book
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"This book will appeal to young readers who enjoy adventure, history, and a good yarn"
  – Kay Stith, Director, Library Media and Technology, Unified School District No. 383
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"It has the elements of a prize-winning novel."
  – Dolores Andel, retired elementary school teacher, Schuyler, Nebraska
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"A Tense Tale of a Turkey Drive"
  – Books Section, Sioux Falls (SD) Argus-Leader
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"Fast-paced AFOOT highlights the importance of hardiness, persistence."
  – The Manhattan (KS) Mercury Books & Writing Section
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"ACE member is author of exciting novel about turkey drive."
  – Signals, newsletter of the Association of Communication Excellence
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"People of all ages will enjoy this book; outstanding use of the appropriate vernacular"
  – Duane Nightengale, book reviewer for several newspapers published in eastern Kansas.
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174 pages, ISBN 0-9771844-1-2

173 pages, ISBN 0-9771844

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