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The Deadly Snow

Preston Mitchell didn't buy the government's story about what had killed their sheep. The Deadly Snow: A Cold War Memoir is a frightening account of a family's battle to explain a snowstorm that killed 100 ewes and 300 newborn lambs and sickened the entire family.

CottonwoodsIn Cottonwoods, Norwegian immigrants Rolf and Torval Hauge struggled for 10 years to gain financial success on the plains of South Dakota. When their first big break came in 1907, they never dreamed this chance would bring about a series of baffling attacks.

AfootAFOOT: A Tale of the Great Dakota Turkey Drive, takes place mainly in Dakota Territory in 1877. It's an adventure story in which Joshua Greene, 13, takes many risks while trying to catch up with his runaway sister, Lucinda, 17, after their parents die.

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